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Karaoke is better than ever!

           Have you been to a Karaoke event with Above & Beyond Entertainment lately?
                                        We turn your party guests into stars.
Above & Beyond Entertainment provides professional Karaoke Hosts to get your party started on sure footing.  We’ll break the ice.  Your guests will feel comfortable at home and raring to sing their favorite song.
Above & Beyond Entertainment's top-notch equipment has taken Karaoke to the next level. Our digital studio effects make average voices sound great. Your guests will love the cool echo and reverb effect when they grab the mic and launch into a song.
Speaking of mics, we offer both wired and wireless for unfettered performances.
Our LCD video lyric display makes it easy for your guests to focus on the singing without stumbling over the lyrics.
Karaoke brings your guests together in a unique way.
If you’re looking for a sure–fire way to unleash the full power of a party, Karaoke from Above & Beyond Entertainment is the way to go.
Want your next event to be the best yet?  Call Above & Beyond Entertainment at (773)746-2168 to learn more about our KaraokeDJss.
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